Skillcast Getting Started

Tips, frequently asked questions and guides on how to make the most of your Skillcast portal.

43 articles

Management Console

Management Console is the administration part of the Skillcast Portal. Access is granted by Roles and Domain rights.

84 articles

Compliance Declarations

Our Compliance Declarations Tool helps you to collect, track and analyse employee disclosures and declarations easily.

6 articles

Compliance Registers

useful tips and guides on how to use our Compliance Registers including making submissions and approval workflows

18 articles

Event Management

Includes step by step guides on how to use the Event Management System including managing your event bookings and setting up new event sessions

16 articles

Policy Hub

Includes step by step guides on how to add new policies, set up attestation rules and attestation reports

39 articles

SMCR Registers

Includes step by guides on how to set up Senior Manager and Certified Persons registers and make the most of our SMCR registers.

35 articles

Training 360

Includes step by step guides on how to set up Offline Training Activities and how to use and track CPD progress

14 articles

Content Editor

Tips and guides to help you manage and edit content

34 articles

Question of the day

Coming soon Question of the day campaigns allows L&D teams to test the knowledge of team members by sending them a question every day

5 articles


Anything you need to know about integrating with external systems such as: Data feeds Training records Single sign On

21 articles

Bespoke and Customised e-Learning Modules

Information, support and best practice for the seamless custom e-learning project.

8 articles

SCORM and client hosting

Information and tips for client hosting clients

1 article

Basic Plan

Articles to support users subscribe to the Skillcast Basic Plan

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